Indian Robo Store, founded in 2015 is one of the forefront runners in the field of robotics. We provide all robotic solutions to the enthusiasts as well as industries. Precision, quality and durability are the three major criteria on which our products & parts stand out. Our timely delivery as well as affordable prices has made us create a huge client base in the market.

 Mr Sagar Gupta Naugriya, the founder himself, is an engineer. We are a consumer centric company which likes to understand and fulfil all the robotics related requirements ranging from batteries, motors, gimbals to sensors.

We do not have second thoughts about working like a perpetually powered machine as the motto is making machines work for us. It depends on the utility, whether to make it fly, roll, crawl or just merely to light up an LED. We have a short yet strong legacy & have been having fun with electronic machines for the past 5 years. Give us the spark and we sure will help you in blowing it into a wild flame. We play with electronics and we put them into good use like a drone which can deliver payloads or send the live video feed of a place a mile away from the user, a robot which can crawl into contraptions and send you the required information in the form of video or just as a mere warning signal. Few of our drones are commissioned in the army and we are proud to be associated with them. We also make electronic prototyping boards which makes real life applications more efficient and accurate. Our starter kits are an excellent add-on to the young one’s study rooms and will help in enhancing their inquisitiveness. 

Additionally, we are authorized dealers and distributors of some of the best known national and international brands like Bestguarder, Bonka, SkyRC, Tarot, Sunnysky,Benewake, Diatone  Drone Dunyasi, Flir and many more.

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