X-UAV Talon Wingspan V-tail FPV Plane Aircraft Kit V2

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  • Brand:X-uav
  • Item:Talon RC Kit V2
  • Material:EPO
  • Wingspan:1718mm
  • Length:1100mm
  • FlyingWeight:2500~3000g
  • WingArea:60d㎡
  • Wingload:55~66g/d㎡
Recommend Drive System:

  • Drive System: 3720 KV1200 motor
  • Thrust Force: 3000g
  • ESC: 70A
  • Servo: 2*9g 2*17g servos
  • Propeller:≤12in
  • Battery: 14.8V, 4S 10000MAH Li-polymer
  • Control system: FS-TH9X+R9B Transmitte

  1. – Kit – All assembly and equipment installation required
  2. – Moulded EPO airframe
  3. – Laser cut plywood motor mount and wing saddle frame
  4. – Version 2 Talon features strengthened ply parts and improved equipment mounting options
  5. – Removable nose bubble for quick access to camera equipement.
  6. – Large fuselage compartment accomodates many battery and FPV equipement configurations.
  7. – Two Piece plug-in wings with carbon wing tube
  8. – Detachable outrigger wheels

The Talon FPV V-tail Drone is an all EPO moulded airframe. The kit comes un-assembled with EPO

and laser cut plywood parts. This version 2 of the Talon has strengthened plywood wing saddle/carbon support parts, and additional plywood pieces for easier FPV equipment mounting. Less guess work on your part. Also, the front wheel plywood mount has been strengthened to survive less than perfect arrivals better.

With a 4S 14.8V 10,000mAh LiPoly battery, flight times are long, and wing loading still low thanks to the generous wing area of the Talon. A generous fuselage compartment with large top hatch and removable nose bubble allows you to access your FPV equipment and flight battery in any configuration you choose. It is an open canvas for your FPV needs.

Kit only, does not include motor/ESC/Servos
The factory has upgraded this item,the wing wheels are not included anymore.

Package Included:
1 x X-uav Talon RC Kit V2

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