Tarot Brushless Motor 6S/4112/300KV TL41P12

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Product Details
Brand: TAROT

Actual Weight: 189g

Product Description:

·The Tarot 4112/300KV brushless motor is designed for long duration applications such as aerial photography, mapping and surveying.
·Made from international standard aerospace aluminum with Japanese high precision CNC machining
·Each finished product is inspected to strict quality standards to ensure consistency from batch to batch

Motor Features:
1:New semi-enclosed structure design, light weight, high strength, fast heat dissipation, effectively prevent gravel and debris from entering the interior of the motor, but also has good ventilation and heat dissipation effect.
2:Use of extremely durable high-quality imported bearings, more stable rotation.
3:Fully hand-wound, each motor is dynamically and statically tested before leaving the factory to ensure the consistency of the motor.
4:IP35 dustproof and waterproof protection, unique structure to provide you with better safety assurance.
5:Three color motor line output, can unify the output direction rules, convenient to recognize the line sequence when assembling in bulk.

Product Parameters:
Stator outer diameter:41mm
Stator thickness:12mm
Motor KV:300KV
No-load current:0.6A
Maximum continuous power:500W
Rotor diameter:47.5mm
Motor height:31mm
Support lithium battery section:6S
Motor weight:152g
Motor cable output length:53mm

Product Specifications:
4112/300KV brushless motor×1
M3*6 cup head screws×4
M3*8 half round head screws×2
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