Tarot 16 MM carbonfiber fold mount set/red TL68B28

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Product Details
Brand: Tarot

Product Description:

· New foldable mount for 16MM boom, nylon material applied.

· Can be adapted to 16mm boom assembly and TAROT 680/690/650 multi-copter.

· Fixed by M2.5 step screw [TL2778-01].

· With 3-point support, extend contact surface. Slip proof designed.


· 16MM carbon fiber boom fix cap (21.5xΦ16×31.5MM)x1 (Weight: 7.3g)

· 16MM carbon fiber foldable mount (31×21.7x11MM)x2 (Weight: 5.5g)

· M2.5×6.5 step screw x 10

· M2.5x22MM cup head screw x 1

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