TAROT Thrower/Air Thrower/Electronic Thrower TL2962

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Product Details
Brand: TAROT

Product Description:

·Tarot factory electronic drone thrower
·CNC machined from 6063 aircraft aluminium and 304 stainless steel
·Construction using the design principle of mechanical levers
·Reduces the output power required by the drive mechanism
·The compact size of the throwing device and the articulated structure of the lever will not jam due to the weight of the load (43KG load in the extreme test and smooth retrieval)
·You can mount multiple electronic throwers from this range depending on the environment in which they are used
·And the sequence of throwing devices can be controlled independently

Product operating instructions and LED status light description:

Note: This product uses standard PWM remote control servo signal analysis(the following description assumes a 0-100% travel amount as a result of the analysis)
1:When the PWM signal input value remains at 0-59% travel, the red LED is always on/no device action.
2:When the PWM signal input value reaches 60-100% travel, the LED green light flashes once/the device drop switch is turned on once; the LED light stays on green after the drop is over.
3:LED red light flashes(2 times/second)when no PWM signal input is detected by the device.
4:When power-on initialisation, the LED flashes green(2 times/sec)if the detected PWM signal input value is at 60-100% travel, until the PWM signal input value is adjusted to 0-59% travel when the operation of Article 1 is triggered.

Product Specifications:
Tarot Electronic Thrower(91.5g)(78.5mm*48mm*18mm) ×1

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