TAROT Stepless Dimming Flash TL3301

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Product Details
Brand: Tarot

Product Descriptions:
Tarot’s stepless searchlight, using dual bead assembly, irradiation angle of 35 degrees in the maximum power of 50W work, will produce 8000Lux,50 meters away from the spot center illumination value of 8.5Lux;in 50 meters of the irradiation height of the effective irradiation area of 910 square meters. This searchlight adopts PWM signal control stepless dimming and flashing function. The overall ultra-lightweight design, weight 203g,can be installed in the 25mm diameter arm or tripod, can meet the night patrol\warning to drive away\directional indication\power patrol\search and rescue and other night work needs.

Product operation instructions and searchlight work:
1:When the PWM signal input value remains at 0-10% of the stroke, the searchlight turns off the light;
2:When the PWM signal input value reaches 11-90% of the trip, the searchlight stepless dimming;
3:When the PWM signal input value reaches 91-100% of the trip, the searchlight flashing, the product uses the standard PWM remote control servo signal analysis(the following description to analyze the results of the assumption that the amount of travel for 0-100%)

1.Searchlight in the drone before takeoff, please do not full power output ,keep in 30% power, after takeoff can be 100% power operation;
2.Searchlight needs sufficient heat dissipation conditions, please install in the UAV prize leaf rotation wind blowing position;
3.Searchlight body temperature increases gradually with the increase in power, and please do not touch the searchlight body directly with your hands to avoid burns.

Product Parameters:
Power supply voltage:4S-6S
Luminous flux:8000Lux±3%(Power:50W)
Searchlight controller:(38g)x1

Illumination area:910m2(Distance:50m)

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