TAROT Foldable Mount for GPS Antenna TL68B31

GPS Antenna Mount For 16mm Tube TL68B31
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Product Details
Brand: TAROT

Product Description:
·Full CNC precision machining using 6061T6 process aluminum alloy
·Suitable for use with all types of multi-axis aircraft GPS installed with Φ16mm pipe diameter
·Metal base locked and mounted securely
·Prevent vibration from affecting antenna performance
·Quick-fold design makes GPS easy to carry when folded.

Product specifications:
Metal GPS mount × 1 (Φ29.4×12mm)
Metal limit ring×1(Φ12×4.0mm)0.75G
Metal GPS folding mount×1(Φ16×36×22mm)8.1G
Φ4 metal antenna connecting post×1(Φ4×Φ6×16mm)0.7G
Φ4 carbon fiber rod×1(Φ4×65mm)0.5G
M2×12mm cup head sleeve hexagonal screw×1
M3×3mm countersunk head screws×2

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