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SIYI MK15 Long Range Radio Controller With HDMI

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For UAV And Agriculture Drone
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Brand: SIYI

MK15 is a cost-effective radio controller with RC, video, data, and android system all-in-one, featuring a 15km long transmission range and great anti-interference performance.

MK15 is equipped with a 5.5inch FHD high-brightness touch screen, the resolution of which is 1920*1080, Max. brightness can reach 1000cd/m2, so it can be used in full sunlight;

Equipped with two directional antennas, MK15 can easily reach a 15km RC/Data/Video communication range; with an embedded Android system, it supports most mainstream ground station software like QGC to achieve functions like route planning, real-time flight status feedback, etc.

MK15 radio controller supports both HDMI and Ethernet video input. It can realize dual video streams synchronous display through an FPV hub (option) coupled with Ethernet version cameras, to see two videos from different angles at the same time; It also can realize video sharing by connecting the remote controller and monitor with an HDMI cable.

MK15 radio controller has a built-in 10400mAh li-ion battery, the operation time is up to 12hours with full capacity. It supports 30w fast charge.

MK15 is a portable and easy-to-use radio controller suitable for long-range inspection, survey, and mapping missions.

MK15 receiver supports standard RTSP video stream input through its standard ethernet port directly or converted by HDMI module. The stream is up to two-way 1080p video simultaneously, the latency low to *180ms. The pre-installed SIYI FPV application supports switching display of two video streams between the main screen and the floating window, and the video stream SDK is fully open to developers. On agriculture drones, the feature works with a front camera and back camera for almost 360-degree visual protection. On commercial drones, the two-way video stream makes it ultimately possible for integrating optical cameras and thermal imaging cameras through one link.

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