Radiolink MINI M8N GPS TS100

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Item name: TS100 Mini M8N GPS

Brand name: Radiolink

Size: 32*30*12mm

Weight: 20g

Positional accuracy: 50 centimeter precision when working with concurrent GNSS

Velocity precision: 0.1m/s

Max height: 50000m

Max speed: 515m/s

Max acceleration: 4G

Max update rate: up to 10Hz


Tracking & Nav.: -167dBm, Reacquisition: -163dBm

Cold start: -151dBm, Hot start: -159dBm

Time to first fix: Cold start: 26s, Hot start: 1s

Connect ports:

Power supply: voltage 5VDC+-5%, current 50~55mA


A. GPS UART interface

baud rate: 1.2K/4.8K/9.6K/19.2K/38.4K/57.6K/112.5K

B. Geomagnetic I2C interface

Package included:

1 x Radiolink TS100 Mini M8N GPS

The different screens can cause the color of the item in the image to be a little different from the actual one. The allowed measurement error is +/- 1-3 cm.

  • GPS decoder chip: Radiolink M8N GPS, 72-channel, is much better than single GNSS 7N.
  • Geomagnetic: QMC5883L which with same technology as HMC5983 form.
  • Antenna: 2.5dbI high gain and selectivity ceramic antenna.
  • Double filter: SAWF(Surface acoustic wave filter) form Murata.
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