NEO 7M GPS With Compass for APM 2.6/2.8 and Pixhawk 2.4.6/2.4.8

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Features :

  1. Locate performance
  2. These are Pre-configured, Flashed with the correct settings, and tested. To make them Plug and Play.
  3. Super Bright LED
  4. Backplane with Standard Mk style mounting holes 45mm X 45mm
  5. 38400 bps (Default) Changed to 115200bps!
  6. Output GGA, GSA and RMC frames
  7. 1Hz (Default) Changed to 5Hz!
  8. Permanent Configuration Retention
  9. compass on board
  10. 6 pin connector for EZ connect to MEGA BLACK
  11. 4 pin connector for only GPS use
  12. 4 pin connector for compass only use
  13. Can use both 4 pin at once.

Package Includes :

1 x Neo 7M GPS module.

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