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The Mavic 2 drones have proved to be on of the best drones released this year, with it’s portability matched with a great cameras – it’s sure to be a drone that will be future-proof for quite some time. If you’ve ever used a Mavic 2 (or any DJI drone for that matter), you’ll notice that it has some custom switches on the side that let you switch between different flight modes. This flight modes are marked with a P, S or T – or “Positioning” Flight Mode, “Sport” Flight mode or “Tripod” flight mode.

Having quick access to each of these modes greatly helps you while your in the air, letting you physically switch between these popular flight modes instead of needing to hunt through the menus and find them while wasting part of your battery hovering around in the air!

Tripod Mode

One of my absolute favorite flight modes that I’m glad now has a dedicated switch on the remote, is Tripod Mode. Fantastic mode that makes shooting video much more stable and cinematic. In T-Mode, you’re Mavic 2 will fly slower – around 1 meter/second. This gives you a more stable platform for filming those cinematic aerials and give you some more confidence when flying close to objects!

I shoot mode of my cinematic footage in Tripod Mode and have loved the results I get from this mode. Your drone has access to all the GPS signals, Vision Sensors that let you easily position the drone where ever you want to put it! If you take videos or pictures with your Mavic 2 Pro/Zoom (you better be!!), then getting familiar with the Flight Mode will really level up your game.

Sport Mode

Now were having some fun here – Sport Mode, or S-Mode is where the power of the Mavic 2 Pro is unleashed. In this mode, the sticks are VERY responsive and I wouldn’t advise using sport mode around any obstacles the first few times you use it (or ever!) because all of the Vision Systems and Sensors are disabled here. The Mavic 2 will only use GPS for positioning, so the drone will drift around a little more than when you’re flying in P-Mode.

You can achieve your maximum speeds in S-Mode – for the Mavic 2 thats 45 MPH! But when you’re going fast, just remember in Sport Mode your stopping distance is also increased, just like driving in a car. The faster you go, the longer it takes to slow down. And with no downward vision sensors – the Mavic 2 also wont stop on a dime and hover over a certain spot. I’d recommend trying out sport mode at a high altitude above any obstacles and get familiar with how long it takes to stop. The time from full speed, from letting off the sticks – it might be more than you think! Just something to be cautious and aware of!

Positioning Flight Mode

Positioning flight mode, or P-Mode, is the standard aircraft mode that you’re going to be in most of the time. In P mode, your Mavic 2 Pro & Zoom will use all of the available GPS signals to ensure a strong connection is made with the remote and the Mavic 2 (this is important – and a weak connection will lead to another flight mode). The Mavic 2 will use all of it’s Vision Systems to navigate around or avoid obstacles, stabilize, record the Return To Home point, and ensure the Intelligent Flight Modes have the ideal circumstances to be used properly and reliably. The sticks to navigate the drone will be responsive, but not as touchy as they could be. This mode is great for general flying and getting visuals.

Another Flight Mode You Should Know About

Another flight mode?? I thought this article was only about the ones on the controller! Well, you should know about ATTI Mode. ATTI Mode is activated (on other dji drones it is a switch option), when your drone loses GPS Signal, the compass is experiencing some interference, or if you manually disable the Vision Positioning Systems in P-Mode. This is another mode that I’d advise you to get familiar with if your drone ever loses signal. This is what I like to call “Full Manual” mode, and you have to control your drone all by yourself. No vision systems or GPS to keep your drone in one spot. Drifting and stopping distances are increased and it’s worth practicing with this flight mode to understand what it’s like to bring your drone back to you safely if you ever experience and interference.

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