HRB 5500mah 50c 14.8V 4s

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Product Specification

Brand HRB
Model Name/Number HRB 5500mah 4s
Weight 508g
Minimum Order Quantity 1 Piece

Product Description

As long you buy, we will send these as gift:

a:1pair connectors, the connector is same as your choice.b:1pc lipo battery strap,the color is random.c:1pc AB Buckle (7.4v battery =2s AB buckle,11.1v battery=3s AB buckleb…)

For each model:

Plug Type: Default plug is T(deans),if you want other connector,please contact us to leave message

Continuous Discharge: 50C Max Burst Rate: 100C

Suggest Charge Amps: 0.1A-5A

Wire Gauge: 10 AWG

Model&Dimensions(LxWxH)(±0-3mm)&Weight ± 2g

2S1P 7.4V 5200mah 50C: 135mmx42mmx22mm, 274 g

3S1P 11.1V 5200mah 50C:135mmx42mmx33mm, 397g

4S1P 14.8V 5200mah 50C: 135mmx42mmx44mm, 520g

5S1P 14.8V 5200mah 50C: 135mmx42mmx55mm, 643g

6S1P 22.2V 5200mah 50C:135mmx42mmx66mm, 766g

Useful Knowledge:

The easiest way to determine the remaining capacity of a battery is to measure the voltage (for example 4.2V battery):
Never to let the voltage below 3.6V During use, or your battery will be destroyed


Don’t over charge more than 4.2V and dont over discharge below 3.7V
Don’t put it beside the high temperature condition.
Don’t throw it into fire.
Don’t throw it into water.

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