HEX Here 3+ CAN GPS M8P With i-Stand

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Here 3+ with stand,


  • Cost-effective high precision positioning, L1 band RTK support with centimeter level positioning accuracy.
  • Brand New Design: Excellent visibility on the LEDs, with improved dust and water resistance.
  • Powerful and reliable software: Equipped with STM32H757 high performance processor running real time operation system. Updated to AP_Periph based open source firmware, allowing future updates and customization.
  • DroneCAN: the future has arrived. High data rate, upgradeability, noise immunity, and real time features benefited from DroneCAN
  • A comprehensive solution: Built in RM3100 magnetometer, ICM42688P 6DOF gyroscope and accelerometer, for enhanced navigation. Fully capable of running ArduPilot onboard.

The package contains:

  • 1 x Here 3+
  • 1 x iStand
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