CUAV CAN PDB Multifunctional Autopilot Baseboard

₹19 999.00
Product Details
Brand: CUAV
Price per unit: 19999

CAN PDB is a multi-functional baseboard of CORE flight controller, which provides abundant interfaces, integrates the functions of power module and power distribution board, and supports voltage input of 14~60V, and provide continuous working current up to 110A. It adopts self-developed ITT algorithm and has high accuracy power detection of 0.1A and 0.05V,. It has 10 power output welding points, and provides a 5V/6A and a 12V/4A stabilized output to provide power for external device. Supports the CORE modules of V5 +,X7 +, and X7+ Pro flight controller

Specification :-

Input Voltage

10-62V (3-15S Lipo)

Accurate measurement current range


Maximum current range


Ouput voltage-current

5V regulated output 6A maximum; stable 5A
12V regulated output 4A maximum; stable 3.5A

Number of servo channels


Signal input

Remote control receiver signal support PPM/SBUUS/DSM signal input


Support CORE V5+/X7+/X7+PRO CORE

Compatible models

Compatible models fixed-wing aeroplane/3-8 axis multi-copter/helicopter/VTOL/unmanned vehicles/unmanned ship


Firmware for ArduPilot firmware 4.0.0 and above; PX4 native firmware version 1.11.0 and above

Operating temperature

-20 to +100°C

Main Interfaces

USB port 1 (type-c)
UART serial port 5 (including GPS/UART4/Telem1/Telem2/Debug)
CAN standard bus 2
I2C bus 3
SBUS/DSM IN 1 (DuPont head)
PWM output 14 (DuPont head)
ADC3.3 1
ADC6.6 1
SBUS OUT1 (does not work when using X 7/X7procore)
RSSI 3.3V analog voltage
DSU7 1

Product Size

12 x 10 x 1.2cm/4.7 x 3.9 x 0.5″ (LxWxH)


163g/0.4lb (including cable weight)

Cable length

30cm/11.8″ (without the sizes of terminals)

Shipment Weight

0.54 kg

Shipment Dimensions

23 × 13 × 6 cm

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