6mm x 2mm magnets

Highlights Multipurpose Office Magnets Plated Nickle Plated Width: 0.6 cm, Height: 0.2 cm
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Sales Package
  • 100 Magnets
Model Number
  • 6mm x 2mm
  • Silver
  • Disc
  • Warning And Safety Precaution – Do Not Bring A Magnet Near A Person Having Pace Maker Or Electrical Medical Device. – Magnets Have Strong Power Of Attraction. – The Brittle Nature Of The Magnet Can Lead To Flying Chips If The Magnets Are Allowed To Impact Each Other Or A Solid Surface. – Do Not Swallow Or Store In Moist Environment. – Magnetic Properties Drop When Heated. – Do Not Place Magnets Near Electronic Devices And Magnetic Storage Device Like Prepaid Card, Floppy Disc, Television, Etc. – Larger Magnets Can Become A Pinching Hazard If Caution Is Not Exercised. – Usage Of Protective Gloves And Eyewear While Handling Larger Magnets Is Highly Recommended.
Other Dimensions
  • Diameter : 6mm, Height : 2mm
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