64Mbit 8MByte Data Flash module SPI Interface BV/FVinter

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Brand: IRS

The 64Mbit 8MByte Data Flash module SPI Interface BV/FV provides a solution to problems with a lack of space for data storage on systems with limited space. Very efficient, the 25Q series provides high flexibility and better performance when compared to common Serial Flash devices.

So this module is an ideal solution for the temporary saving of data. This integrated circuit (25Q64FWSIG-1935) has a very good quality with a large memory capacity and very low consumption. The module can have many uses. For example, you can use to build devices that carry them with you and store data with GPS (geographical location store) or acceleration in certain circumstances in the car.

It can use for data storage as if it were the hard disk of a computer; it is not volatile and because it is solid-state there is no risk of damage to moving parts. The main advantage of the 25Q64FWSIG-1935Flash Memory Module is that it is already soldered onto a board, eliminating the need for soldering by the user, making the doors available through DIP pins (attached to a pin bar).

With high efficiency, the matrix is organized into 32,768 programmable pages of 256 bytes each, where up to 256 bytes can be programmed at a time. Pages can be erased entire (whole chip) or in groups of 16 (4 KB in the industry), groups of 128 (32 KB in block) or groups of 256 (64 KB).

It also has 2,048 sectors and 128 blocks that can be deleted, respectively. Small 4KB sectors enable greater flexibility in applications that require parameter and data storage.


  1. Capacity: 64M-bit / 8M-byte.
  2. Clock frequency: <104MHz.
  3. Greater flexibility and performance.
  4. Low energy consumption.
  5. It accompanies pin bar.
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