6 Axis 480A Power distribution board 12s

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Tips: Suitable for four-axis/six-axis drones and plant protection machines with a wheelbase of more than one meter Please compare the frame holes to ensure this power distribution management board can be installed. Product manual: The power distribution management module is suitable for large and medium-sized drones such as plant protection machines. Support four-axis / six-axis two drone installation, support 12S power supply, the total current reaches 480A.The main power cord is recommended to be soldered with the AS150 fireproof plug and the XT150 plug (optional) to prevent mis-insertion. When installing, pay attention to the direction of the arrow facing forward and the drone. According to the different models, follow the identification wiring. The whole set has two 6SXT60 equipment power supplies and two 12SXT60 equipment power supplies (Note: here 12SXT60 reserved power supply can not be used as an ESC power supply interface, can be connected to devices supporting 12S voltage)

(Note: The power distribution management module 12A power supply is composed of two 6S batteries connected in series, so two batteries need to be plugged in to supply power. If only 6S power supply is needed, only the red positive pole on the left side and the black negative pole on the right side are connected.

The two red and black lines are short-circuited tandem points and do not need to be connected.) Product parameters: Plant protection machine power distribution management module × 1

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