3K Roll-wrapped Carbon Fiber Tube (Hollow)10mm(OD)8mm(ID)*1000mm(L)

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DETAILS:- Made of Carbon Fiber material High Strength Stable dimension and UV resistant High Corrosion Resistance Electrical &
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Braided Carbon Fiber Tubes
These tubes are comprised of carbon fiber braid and unidirectional fabrics. This product is ideal for building lightweight frames and structures such as trusses. Our carbon fiber tubes have been engineered to be much stronger under torsional and side loading than pultruded tubing. They’re also significantly lighter than pultruded tubing. Also the product unidirectional layers are captured, eliminating longitudinal cracking and splitting. The finish on this product is different from other product lines. These Carbon fiber tube show the texture of the carbon fiber braid with a wet and shiny appearance.

Do not see exactly what you’re looking for? Contact us about custom thicknesses, sizes, and finished lengths. Users are responsible for the design and test of any structures involving Carbon Fiber Tube and gussets and are responsible for determining the safety and suitability of these products for their own purposes.

Roll wrapped Carbon fiber tube (Tubing) is manufactured using multiple layers of prepreg carbon fiber (and if noted, other) materials. In general each layer is about 0.005 inches (0.12mm-0.15mm) thick which means that a Carbon fiber tube with a wall thickness of 0.050 inches will typically be composed of 9-10 individual layers of carbon fiber. The number of layers (plys) allows us to vary the orientation of the fibers throughout the thickness, creating a high performance, engineered product.

Material 100% Full Carbon Fiber
Inner Diameter 8.0 mm inch=0.314 (in)
Outer Diameter 10.0 mm inch=0.393 (in)
Wall 1.0 mm inch=0.039 (in)
Length 1000mm inch=39.370(in)
Weight 42 g (Single)
Pattern 3k Plain Weave
Surface Finish (exterior) Gloss / Matte (black)

Carbon fiber Tube has the following advantages

1. Light weight, high strength Its specific gravity 1.4 1.5 g/cm, is only a quarter of the steel, transportation and installation is very convenient, compared with the plastic products, its strength is plastic products of dozens of times, so light weight, high strength is one of the notable characteristics of carbon fiber rod composites.

2. Corrosion resistance, anti-aging, long service life Carbon fiber bar to acid, alkali, salt, some organic solvents and other corrosive erosion, in the field of corrosion protection has the incomparable superiority to other metals, and have good water resistance and aging resistance, so no matter in corrosive environment and bad in the open air, wet environment operation, its service life can reach more than 15 years.

3. Good safety, high impact resistance, can design sex is strong, is indispensable to modern industrial and agricultural products one of the new alternative materials

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