3K Carbon Fiber 1755 Propeller 17*5.5 Pair of CW CCW for Drone

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Carbon Fiber Propeller CW + CCW
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Brand: IRS

Each pair of propellers has perfect dynamic poise and static balancing which is balanced by manpower.

Especially improves the air-powered efficiency and aerofoil stability.

High quality ultra-light carbon fiber propellers especially designed for multicopters.


  • Material: 100% Carbon fiber

  • Diameter: 17 inch

  • Pitch: 5.5 inch

  • Mounting method: Direct mounting to motor

  • Center Hole Diameter: 4mm

  • Side Hole Diameter: 3mm

  • Centre Distance: 15mm

  • Weight: 37.60g (pcs)

  • Rotation: Clockwise (R/H) and Counterclockwise (L/H)

Package Includes:

  • 1 x 17×5.5 CCW Prop

  • 1 x 17×5.5 CW Prop

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